Breast augmentation methods without surgery

      The breast is an element of beauty and self-confidence for women. Breast enlargement surgeries are performed with different techniques. Pregnancy, weight loss and aging can cause the breasts to shrink or sag. Breast augmentation techniques are applied in such cases to ensure that the breast of the individual is of the right size. Breast prostheses are placed under the breast tissue or under the muscle during surgery. Prosthetic operation is applied safely for asymmetric, small or hollow breasts.

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      What is Dual Plane Method for Breast Augmentation?


      What is Dual Plane Method for Breast Augmentation?

      In recent periods, silicon placed under breast prosthesis doesn’t give natural results in some patients, so dual plane method for breast augmentation operation procedure is applied. In this surgery, most of the silicone is placed under the muscle. Dual plane method for breast augmentation protects the silicon muscle tissue and does not pull the prosthesis upwards. It is applied to every patient as it provides natural results.

      What is composite breast augmentation?

      The use of fat injections instead of silicone prostheses in breast augmentation surgery. Composite breast augmentation is also used with silicone implants with fat injections. In particular, patients with insufficient breast tissue are treated. If the person is extremely skinny and the skin is thin, a breast enlargement operation is not recommended. In order to be able to perform the application, the body of the patient must have sufficient fat tissue. Often the fats are taken from the abdominal region.

      When Should Breast Augmentation Without Operation Be Performed?

      People who do not like their breast size and shape can have the operation . This method is also recommended for those who want to enlarge the breast size by 1 or 2 times the original size. Breast augmentation operation without surgery is recommended for people who want to have thicker breasts.


      What is Crisalix Technology in Breast Augmentation?

      With Crisalix technology, you can see what is the breast shape you will have after surgery with 3D technology. Before surgery, people can see silicone types and have an idea about what kind of breast they will have after surgery. This situation will improve the psychology of the person and shows the person’s requests to the doctor.

      How Does Breast Augmentation Without Operation Be Performed?

      The filler used in the non-surgical breast augmentation process is a gel with a three-dimensional molecular structure called Aquafilling. The filling material used is placed under the breast and it is ensured that the breast is more shaped and plump. In the procedure applied with local anesthesia, the filling is inserted to the breast. And the Patient wont suffer any pain during the procedure.

      How is breast enlarged without surgery?


      It is naturally obtained with the fat and filling materials or with the Aquafilling method to the desired size of the breast structure. As a result of the process lasting for 1 hour, the size of the patient’s breast will change and return to social life. The duration of the filling materials used varies according to the quality. Because the fat injected for breast tissue is the person’s own fat. Physical activity does not enlarge the chest because of the anatomical structure of the breasts. Prectoral muscles are provided for study and when the muscles are working, the chest is more uniform. Regular massage along with physical activity also helps the breasts look more shaped. Massage accelerates blood circulation and increases the volume of the breast tissue.

      How to Decide on the New Breast Size
      People who want to have aesthetic breast surgery often have difficulty choosing the breast size they want to reach. The aesthetic surgeon must try to understand the character of the patient and listen to what his expectations are. The body size should be taken and the prosthetic breast operation appropriate to the body size of the patient should be decided. The surgeon who understands the expectation of the person performs a more successful job.

      Where is Silicone Placed in Breast Augmentation?

      The silicone breast prosthesis is placed under the breast tissue or under the breast muscle by an incisional procedure. One of the submuscular, subfacial or dual plan methods is preferred for the operation of the patient. Silicone is more conserved in prostheses placed under subcutaneous and dual plan.

      What are Silicone’s Prosthetic Features?
      Silicone breast prostheses are used for breast augmentation surgery. The inside contains silicone gel and saline physiological substances. They do not cause an allergic reaction. They do not have toxic side effects nor give foreign body feeling. Drip silicon and round silicon are available. The person’s condition is examined before the silicone type is selected. Breast structure and sagging are examined and appropriate prosthesis treatment is performed.


      What Happens After Breast Augmentation?

      It takes about 1.5 hours depending on the nature of the silicone, during the operation. After the operation, the bra is put on. The pain that occurs after surgery disappears within two days. Since local anesthesia is applied, pain is not felt during the operation. some swelling occurs for a week. After a week, the swelling diminishes and ends. When the swelling goes away, the breast will have a natural look and feel. The surgical tracks disappear after a certain period of time and become completely obscured within a year. Mild swelling and color change on the nipples disappears in the first week.

      What are the Complications of Breast Augmentation?

      The most important complication in breast augmentation surgery is the so-called contacture ( hardening in the breast area around the implants). theres also the risk or rupture or deflation of the implants. A silicone prosthesis of appropriate size is applied to prevent such conditions.

      What to Do After Breast Augmentation?
      Patients immediately return to their daily lives after breast augmentation. After the application is made, a slight swelling may occur, without discomfort to the patient. the swelling only lasts for a week. Local anesthesia is applied. Patients should use a tight bra and avoid heavy activities after surgery. Patients can do breastfeeding activities because nipples is not affected from breast augmentation.


      Does Enlarged Breast looks natural without Surgery?

      People wish to benefit from surgery-free enlargement are concerned that the operation will be painful. In the technique of breast enlargement without surgery, the person does not feel any discomfort or pain. Only a slight redness is seen where the injection needle is inserted. Redness passes in two days. No marks or wounds will be left after 1 year. The breast remains of a normal touch and feel, and can perform its functions normally.

      What Happens When Repletion Disappears In The Breast?

      When women gain weight or go into the weight-loss process, they get sagging. In breast enlargement procedures performed with or without surgery , weight gain of women also affects the filling. The filling lasts on average 5 years. After that, the injection mixture given to the breast tissue is absorbed by the body. When the filling mixture is absorbed, the size of the breast returns to what it was before the operation. swelling does not occur. Breast augmentation without surgery does not harm skin tissue. It is recommended because skin wont lose its flexibility. Since the substance used during the application is absorbed by the body over time, the fullness of the breast is reduced. Breast size comes back to look as its old self but there is no sagging in the breast. Even breast feeding mothers can do it easily. Since no trace, wound or any complains are caused, operations without breast application are often preferred today.


      Small-breasted women and women who have sagging breasts.

      The risk of cancer is reduced because the newest type of silicon is used with matches with the patients body type.

      Serum, physiological and cohesive gel prostheses are mostly used.

      Three methods are applied. Operations are performed with different techniques inserted from either the nipple, underarm, or lower breast folds.

      mothers can breastfeed their children with no side effects.

      The size of the prosthesis is decided according to the chest of the person, the tissue must be examined and the flexibility of the skin.

      In previous times, silicon implants would only last for 10 years, but with the advancments of technology and science silicon implants have become of high quality that lasts a life time.

      With local anesthesia, you can remove the prosthesis at any time.

      Although the operation makes a little mark, it disappears over time and does’nt affect the people’s life negatively.

      It is a filler material and consists of synthetic linear polyamide material. Very soluble in water.

      It ofcourse corrects saggin breasts in addition to increasing their size.

      The condition of the patient and the price of silicone to be used vary according to each condition.

      Patients who are uncomfortable with the volume and size of their breasts and do not want to have a suture track are treated.

      It is recommended to apply in situations such as sagging.

      It has a lasting effect like 5 or 8 years, and gradually detaches from the body as a result of its structure.

      It lasts for about 1 hour with local anesthesia and it is given a breast filler by working from a single point.

      The patient returns immediately to normal life and the swelling that occurs disappears within a week.

      No adverse effects were found in the filling of Aquafilling.

      Breast augmentation is an aesthetic operation which means it isn’t covered by insurance