Eyebrow Transplant

      In society, eyebrows hair fall is an important problem for most women. although there is no clear information on the reason for the falling of eyebraws. It is thought that the damage occurs in the roots of the hair. Apart from this factor, the loss of eyebrows can occur in cases like goitre (gland). The falling of eyebraws is a very important problem for most women, Because it directly affects the appearance of the face and the facial lines. As a result, the use of eyebrow pencil is recommended. However, this is not a permanant solution.


      The best solution for everyone who have lost their eyebraws is to do the eyebrow transplant, especially those who have completely lost their eyebrows due to injuries, burns, and diseases.

      Eyebrows can be successfully transplanted thanks to the FUE technique used during hair transplantation. If there’s hair is on the back of the neck, there is no problem in transplanting the eyebrows.

      Eyebrows, which have a permanent and natural appearance, can be created successfully. The eyebrow transplant improves the outward appearance of the person.

      How to make eyebrows?

      Eyebrow region is numbed using local anesthetic drugs. Micro-channels are opened in this area. Each channel is individually planted. The roots that will be added to this area are planted without incision. At this stage, since the roots are applied immediatly, the death of the root does not occur. Since the tools used in this operation are delicate, it prevents traces after the treatment. The shape of the eyebrows and the thickness should be determined by the person. The important thing in the process is the individual planting of the roots in the right angle at 25-30 degrees. When it is larger than this, people will be uncomfortable because the brows will go upright. For this reason, it is necessary for a specialist to do your transplant. Generally 300-600 roots are planted in eyebrow area and positive results are obtained. The technique to be used during eyebrow planting is assessed according to the reasons for eyebrow loss. Successful results are usually obtained by the FUE method.


      What kind of changes may occur in the cultivated eyebrows?

      Some shedding may occur after the first session of the transplant. However, after the hairfall, the eyebrows will grow out again. After the first transplant session you will see weak and thin eyebrows. which is very normal. Over time, you will get thicker eyebrows. One of the most asked about matters about the subject, is whether the transplanted hairs will start to grey because of the operation.  There is infact no greying caused by the eyebrow transplant. However, when greying begins to occur in the hairs and in the other parts of the body with the progress of age, greying may also occur in the planted eyebrows. Another thing to worry about is that the greyness of the eyebrows can not be changed. Unfortunately, the eyebrows that have gone grey, can not be restored to the old coloring without using a dye.

      What problems can the eyebrows fix?


      Eyebrow transplant is not just a reconstruction of fallen eyebrows, but its also a supportive treatment for marks caused by stitches or scars and post-operative traces in this area. Brows are examined before application, and assessed by experts. The eyebrow line can often be made to hide the permanent traces in this area. Eyebrow hairs can prevent traces from appearing from the outside.

      • How to evaluate eyebrow planting success

      First of all, you want to have the eyebrows shaped, in a way that fits the brows you already have. There must be a demand for thickeness and structure. Therefore, these evaluations should be done carefully before the eyebrow transplant is done. In harmony with the persons face and features. The thickness, & frequency of the hair and the position of the eyebrow line should be determined. These evaluations should be done with the expert doctor and the person, and the brows intended shape should be viewed on the computer before the operation is done.

      In addition, since the hair roots taken from the hair on the nape of the nick is used in the transplanting of eyebrow , eyebrows will grow longer. They will need to be shortened at certain times. This time should be set to average once a week.

      What should be considered after eyebrow transplant?

      Hygiene is the most important thing to consider after eyebrow transplant operation is complete. After hair transplant,  it is necessary to protect the eyebrow in a sterile environment. This region should not be washed or soaked, as it should not come into contact with water for a specefic period,  reported to the patient by the doctor.

      It is also important to note that the eyebrows should not be dyed until after reaching the final results when fully healed.