Hair Transplant For Women

      Hair loss; is a health problem that women often encounter. In order to stop hair loss caused by different reasons, all kinds of cosmetic products are applied. If hair loss continues, the upper part of the head starts to open up. The cosmetic products that are used after the hair is lost do not regrow the hair. The hair transplant process, which is thought to be directed only to men, can be successfully applied to women. The process is continued with the usual course of hair transplantation. The grafts from the strong hair follicles are transferred to the problematic areas. The best way of applying hair with FUE method is to be able to transfer the hair to the thin area without cutting it.


      People who have hair loss or thinning do not want to lose their hair. Hair loss in men and women can sometimes negatively affect morale. Generally these effects are felt more intensely in women.

      Hair loss in females may be of genetic, seasonal or environmental effects. And in special periods such as pregnancy and menopausal periods.

      Pregnancy have great effects on body. One of these effects is hair loss. This condition, which can occur during or after birth, can often be tolerated.

      Menopause is another difficult process for women, hair loss increases in this period, because the body is experiencing intense hormonal changes, some women can grow back hair if its caused from reversible reasons. Hair loss is also a common effect of stress, age, used products, seasonal changes, nutrition and various diseases. Problems such as vitamin deficiencies and anemia which are common in women, are also factors that cause women to lose their hair.  

      Is hair transplantation performed to women?


      Hair transplante does not distinguish based on sex. In other words, hair can be transplanted in women too. However, the point we need to make gold here is that the factor that affects the success of hair transplant operations is not the sex of the patient but the type and cause of hair loss.

      Male-type baldness seen in females: A geneticly-specific condition that usually begins on the tips of the hairline and on the upper part of the head. The nape region is usually strong.

      Regional baldness: Circumferential baldness that occurs suddenly because of a variety of diseases such as an acute condition, might occur in any area of the head. If new hair growth is not seen within a year, hair transplantation should be done.

      baldness due to scarring, burn marks: In these cases, which occur after a certain injury or accident, the hair falls out in the area where the burn or injury happened and it loses its ability to regrow.

      What Women Need to Know About Hair Transplantation

      Women can face serious hair loss or even male type baldness due to genetic causes, thyroid, skin diseases or stress.

      Hair transplant is also the most effective treatment for genetic and permanent baldness.

      Hair transplantation does not have any side effects on the health of women.

      As in every operation, you will have the most effective results by communicating correctly with the most reliable and expert doctors.

      The healing period after hair transplantation is rather short. Within 3-4 days you can go back to your semi usual daily routine taking in mind the doctors instructions.

      The results of the hair transplantation begin to appear after 6 months.

      After hair transplantation, follow the advice of the specialist and products should be used as recommended.


      Hair Transplant For Women in Turkey

      Every year, come within the scope of health tourism is one of the most hair transplantation procedures performed in Turkey.

      Every year, Turkey has many patients that come from all over the world. When the price and received result graphs are compared; hair transplantation in Turkey is highly demanded and prefered by patients.