You can benefit from liposuction fat removal instead of experiencing difficulties due to regional lubrications and unrequited pounds. This process, which can be carried out very safely nowadays, is especially helpful for those who can’t get rid of regional fats. This application can be done by both women and men, by getting rid of excess fats and providing a more fit and more elegant body look. Of course, because the general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia is applied before the application, the patient does not feel any pain during the fat burning process. its a comfortable process to get rid of unwanted fat.


      How to Remove Liposuction Fat?


      How to Remove stubborn Fat by Liposuction ?

      A special mixture is injected into the area deeply underneath. This mixture has two tasks. One is to reduce the bleeding, and the other is to remove the fat tissue easily. Then, using a small metal cannula, the fat cells are removed from the very small holes in the bottom. The duration of the fat removal process may also vary, depending on which region of the body the liposuction application is made. During the application, the accumilated fat cells are removed. Therefore, it may be possible for a serious review to take place. However, those who are overweight will not be able to attain their ideal body measurements after this practice. This is because when all the excess fat in your body is removed, skin sagging can occur in a very serious manner. Therefore, liposuction administration should not be considered as a weight loss method. It is a process to get rid of stubborn fat after the person has already slimmed down to a certain degree.

      In which areas can the Liposuction be done?

      Liposuction application could only be applied to specefic areas of the body until a short time ago. Now, With the help of developing technology, it is possible to safely degrease any desired region. In men, liposuction fat removal is most commonly performed above the waist, called the waist circumference. In women, the abdominal region, the thighs, the inner parts of the legs, and the upper parts of the legs are regions where fat removal is frequently performed.

      Liposuction Prices

      This practice is much more affordable than many medical aesthetic applications. However, it can be misleading to set a clear price before the patient is examined. Factors such as which part of the body will the application be made, how much fat will be taken determine the price of liposuction. For this reason, the patient is expected to first lose regional fats and then he will be examined and  informed about the price of liposuction.


      Recovery Process

      After the application, there is a very comfortable recovery process, that lasts for 4 to 5 days after under-going the liposuction process. At the end of this activity you can return to your daily life with mild activities. The actual healing process after liposuction is 2 months. 2 to 3 weeks after the operation, you will be able to complete all your daily activities. You should also pay attention to hygiene so that no infection occurs.

      How to decide how much fat is to be taken?

      The areas where the excess fat is found in the body are examined. After determining how much fat should be taken in proportion to the body. Then the doctor generally takes 3-4 liter fats from body in one liposuction seance.

      Who is suitable for Liposuction?


      Anyone who wishes to have liposuction will not be sutable. In this application, it is essential that serious harm doesn’t come to the skin while trying to achieve the perfect apperance. For this reason, we recommend that people who have not lost their elasticity first use liposuction techniques. If the skin does not have enough elasticity, it may be necessary to perform a surgery to remove sagging skin which may occur after the fat removal process. Also, smokers should quit smoking before liposuction. Because cigarette smoking is risky as it can slow down or prevent the healing process. It is extremely important that dieters complete the diet program and then take advantage of the liposuction fat removal process once they have lost the needed weight.

      • How to use a corset after liposuction?

      In this application with a single session the fats are removed from the small holes made. It is recommended to use a corset after application to cure this holes in the shortest possible time and to tighten the skin and dilute it according to the fat area. The corset is also closely related to the success of the application as it can shape the body.

      While waiting for liposuction fat removal results…

      It is suggested that you have the liposuction operation after you lose weight. Regional stubborn fats have become a common problem of many people today. Liposuction, which is used for getting rid of stubborn regional fats,  After the process is complete, you should rest for a while, use a corset and wait for your skin to recover. As a result, you can not see clearly the end result immediately after the application. During this time you can switch to a healthy lifestyle. For example, you can start to eat healthy, plan a regular sleep, and make your life a light exercise. So you will be free of diet programs and you wont face regional fat again.


      Treatment Process

      Number of Seance: 1
      Operation Time 45 mins-3 hours
      Anesthesia: General Anesthesia
      Discomfort Period: 3 days
      Return to work 3-7 days
      Full Recovery:
      Persistence of results: Permanent
      Length of Hospital Stay: 0-1 nights


      It is not possible to gain weight after Liposuction, if a healthy life style is kept.

      Approximately 70% fat cell reduction can be achieved.

      Yes, of course. However, unhealthy nutrition does not prevent you from gaining weight again.

      2 mm, 3 mm or 4 mm in diameter can be opened. The application will vary depending on the region.

      You can start doing sport after 3-4 weeks.

      It can not be done to correct every asymmetry. The patient must be examined for a response.

      It is a safe medical aesthetic operation.

      Surgery and anesthesia risks also apply to this procedure. Bleeding and embolism are present in the liposuction process, even if the risks are low.

      It can be repeated when needed again.

      There may be a very slight scare. But in a short time it will take the color of the skin and becomes hardly noticeable.

      there might be a temporary loss of sensation that may occur for a few hours but it returns to normal afterwards.

      No, it does not. However, depending on the condition of the patient, massage and LPG treatment may be recommended.

      Of course. But since it is necessary to use the corset after the application, we recommend waiting in very hot weather.

      There is no hard and fast age limit for liposuction, as overall health is more of a factor than age when considering whether someone is a good candidate.

      Bathing can be done after 1 to 2 days.

      It will not be obvious when the body proportion is maintained and processed.

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