About Esencan International

Esencan International, which attaches great importance to human life, has been serving in the health sector for 25 years. We have been doing our job by using the latest technology and paying attention to the satisfaction of our patients with our expert staff for 25 years. Esencan Hospital, which is rapidly progressing to be the best quality hospital in Europe, is among the leading hospitals in the sector, with its patient satisfaction oriented services.

Esencan International, one of the A class hospitals in Europe, offers facilities such as hair transplante, nose aesthetics and dental implants to patients from abroad using the latest technology. In addition to these health services, Esencan International provides its patients with transfer services from the airport by vip vehicles while also providing accommodation at Double Tree Hilton Hotels.

Esencan International offers a world-class service, to our patients who are coming from abroad, espicially for our hospital. We are offering you the best service with our 60 professional doctors, and our 26 medical units like hair transplante unit, aesthetics unit, teeth and other units using advanced technology.


Visitor from Over 60 Countries!
It is a world-class hospital that aims to provide the best quality services with years of experience in the health sector since 1998. Our hospital, which guides the health sector with its expert staff in the field, aims to grow more in the sector every day by following the latest technological developments. Our hospital has 28 medical units, which accepts foreign patients from over 60 countries worldwide, providing safe examinations for our valuable patients.

First of all, we work to meet the demands of the patients in our patient focused hospital. It is a global hospital that follows the latest trends in hair transplant, nose aesthetics and dental treatment and applies them to patients. The aim of Esencan international is to be an institution that continuously improves its productivity with a modern, contemporary vision, and a high technological infrastructure.