Mustache Transplant

      In our society, mustaches for men, is an important source of expression. Even if the mustache is not grown out by the man, just the appearance of the zone gives the man a masculine apperance. The solution to all permenant mustache problems is provided easily by the mustache transplant operation. Thanks to this transplant, a natural looking mustache is created.


      Why should I choose mustache transplant method?


      Why should I choose mustache transplant method?

      One of the most popular questions is whether there’s a way to restore the mustache without doing the transplant operation. There are many products in the market claiming to increase the thickness and to grow the mustache. However, as all of these products promise, hair growth from areas without existing hair roots is not possible. If the reason for the lack of roots in the mustache area is due to hormonal reasons, You can restore the mustache by taking hormonal supplements. However, if the problem is due to scarring or regional hairfall, and if the mustache has not appeared for 6 to 7 months, then the only solution is a mustache transplant. Likewise, it can not be said that alternative methods have achieved a successful result in growing the mustache.

      Is there an age limit for mustache transplant?

      It is suggested that men should wait until becoming at least 21 years old to have a mustache tranplant operation. Because in men, mustache generally appears between the ages of 15-18. The apperance of the mustaches is from the effects of testosterone hormone (the male hormone). There is no need for  intervention to grow the mustaches. If you have hair, and your hormones are good enough, it will be enuogh to grow a mustache. There is no need to use an external product for this. Therefore, it is advisable to wait until 21 to have a mustache transplant. Otherwise, if you do not have a mustache due to surgical trauma, wound, burn, etc., transplant can always be done.


      How is the mustache transplant operation done?

      Mustache transplant is done by specialists.  FUE technique is used during this application. natural looking mustaches can be created easily with FUE technique.

      Mustache transplant is not be as hard as hair transplanting, but still should be done by a qualified doctor. The team with the doctor should also be specialized in this area. The hair roots to be added to the mustache area must be rigid. Therefore, hair roots taken from the lower part of the beard should be used in this process instead of nape hair. If the beard area is also hairless, the neck will be the only option for mustache transplant.

      Singular hair roots must be planted  during mustache transplant. Planting of multiple hair roots is not suitable for the mustache area. This causes an unnatural appearance.

      When should the beard plant be made?


      The mustache is infrequent: This is the problem many men face. There is no drug or cosmetic product to fix this. In the face of this problem, it is suggested to have a mustache transplant.

      Surgical scars: Permanent scars from operations performed due to any disease can prevent hair from appearing in the area of the mustache. In this case, the mustache transplant can be a permanent remedy, while also covering the scared area.

      Chronical diseases: Sometimes it only affects the hair in one area, sometimes it can cause all the hair in the body to fall off. Normally it is a discomfort that can be treated. However, the damage seen by the hair roots can not be treated. In this case, the mustache transplant will solve the issue.

      Unbalanced distribution of hairs on the mustache: In the mustache of some men there are esthetic inequalities on both sides. In order to overcome this, mustache transplant will be the best solution. The problem is solved by distributing or rearranging the unbalanced hair shafts in a way to make it either unseen or in a place that makes it looks natural.

      Burns: People are always at risk of accidents. Many areas of the body can be affected, especially by burns. If the mustache area is exposed to such a burn, the damaged hair roots can cause the mustache to fallout.

      Amount of hair roots to be added during mustache transplant

      If you have a scratch like scar you will usually need 100 bristles to cover it. For light mustaches, 350-400 hair roots may be needed. And if you do not have a mustache at all, you will need about 600-800 hair roots.

      What to do after the mustache transplant is done?

      The success of the mustache transplant depends on several factors.The most important thing to pay attention to, after the completion of the operation is; not to rub the mustache area. Of course, there may be a slight tingling sensation after the procedure. However, itching, rubbing and similar behavior of the planting area may cause the hair follicles to fall out. Another thing to watch out for is not to wash the area, also avoid using shaving lotions, colognes, creams…etc, for a period of time specefied by the doctor.