How to make beard transplant?

      Beard transplanting is carried out by transferring hair roots from another area of the body, such as the hair behind the ear, to the beard area. Beard roots can be made successfully even in people who don’t have a natural beard. As a result of this application, a beard can be created with a natural appearance. Since local anesthesia is used during this procedure, beard transplant is done without the patient feeling any pain. FUE technique is used during beard planting. The hair roots taken from the areas that do not fall are planted in the beard area.

      Hair roots to be used during beard planting should be taken from the beard area as much as possible. Particularly the neck is suitable for this. Thus, the hair structure of the beard will be the same giving a more natural appearance. Hair roots can also be taken from the nape region. But this is the alternative. The hair roots added during the beard planting should be planted at the same angle as the beard of the person. The angle of the hair is important for a natural look. When the hair roots are planted, there will not be any scars or holes. Due to the fact that a cutting tool is not used, so the hair shaft remains natural.


      Singular hair roots should be used during beard planting. If the follicle has more than one root, the roots must be separated singularly. Because in the beard area there are always singlular hair roots. The hair roots should be planted in the beard area after they have been removed. If the living hair roots are kept outside, they lose their function by remaining oxygen free. It is important to remember that such applications require special experience and knowledge.

      The beard planting can be done in people who have scarring, burn marks, beard hair fall in the area. However, a more detailed assessment of these people should be taken and a doctor specializing in this area should be consulted.

      After beard transplant

      After this application is done, the beards will fall out in 15 days. It takes about 4-8 months to grow the beard. People get a pretty natural look. The beard area should not be washed immediately after application. things like cologne, perfume and similar products should’nt be used on the planted area  for a while . In addition, the beard should not be shaved during the healing process. Following the healing process, people may begin shaving with the approval of the doctor.

      What are beard transplant prices?

      Beard transplant prices will be directly proportional to the amount of hair roots to be added to the region. If the number of hair roots is low during transplant, beard transplat will be more cost effective. which means, pricing is done according to the number of roots that the patient needs.


      How to shape the beard with beard transplant?

      Beard transplant, which is nowadays widely demanded, is not only wanted for the men suffering from gaps and a thin beard. but also for Those who want to shape their beards in a certain way, and to correct the appearance of scattered beards. which all can be applied through the beard transplant process . Shaping the beard area has become a practical method from the beard transplant methods. In this method, which is usually preferred by men, because the operation transfers the disorganized hair to the area with a thin appearance.  gitting rid of unwanted disorganized appearance that hair roots often take.

      Will there be a trace after beard transplanting?


      Immediately after treatment, blood marks, etc. may occur in the person who has done a beard transplant. Because such effects are temporary, they will disappear in a short time. Nowadays, the tools used in the transplant of beards are used in a way that makes sure no scarring or blood marks will occur afterwards. 

      • Is there another way?

      Generally, patients are seeking an answer to this question before deciding on the beard transplant; is there no other way to grow the beard?. If the problem in the beard is hormonal, taken the testosterone hormone supplements may result in growth of the beard. However, beard transplant is the only solution in case the beard has fallen due to reasons such as scarring, burn marks, or that the beard has not grown in this area for about 7 months. There are products in the market that claim to be able to regrow the beard. However, even with these products it is not possible to create new hair in a region that has lost its hair root. although Existing products could make the beard thicker.

      • A regular favorite appearance with beard transplant

      Those who have done the beard transplant in the recent period are not only those who suffered beard loss for a variety of reasons.

      The beard roots scattered in the cheek and beard area are removed and added to the wanted area. The removal of hair roots that have spread to the cheeks thanks to this technique also ensures a cleaner facial appearance.